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Blog write up 2.2

October 8, 2012

My rough thumbnails

I chose Bigbang for the poster project. When I sketched it, I didn’t think that it would be entirely vector based so I approached it more illustrative than I should have. Most of these designs are based off of their music videos and promo pictures that were released. Robin liked the idea of the members sitting on thrones and wearing crowns, and she mentioned I don’t have to follow the image as is, I could even make a funny interpretation of some of their photoshoots. I really like the image of them on their thrones, so I could approach it from a different angle. I really loved a lot of the graphics that YG they used for this album so I wanted that to be the central focus in the poster. I was concerned with how the figures should be rendered since it has to be vector based, and Ariel told me I should make the figures very graphic but she liked the thumbnails as they were. Julie had a good idea when she suggested I could represent the members by their individual hairstyles, which fortunately they have very elaborate hairstyles for this album. The final will probably look drastically different than these designs, since I think I will put more graphic elements into the poster.


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  1. Now that I’ve showed you all how to use the image trace function, you maybe able to continue with your more photographic-based designs. I’m interested in seeing what you come up with!

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