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Blog write up 2:1

September 26, 2012

I tried to play with different ideas of trains. Draft 1 is pretty literal, draft 2 is my attempt at trying to capture the speed of a moving train running towards you, and the 3rd is supposed to imitate a map of trains on tracks. The final design is a revised version of the 1st draft.


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  1. Feedback: If this is your Exercise 2.2, then you could add some blur to the font to give it motion as it were moving like a train.


  2. I suppose the final goes with the whole train theme I guess, but I’m going with the whole vehical definition of train not the other if that was your intent. Maybe you could make it look more like a train like adding some low opacity trains floating over the solid trains. Could you also critique mine for the assignment?

  3. I think your draft 3 is clever! I like the use of the other letters to form the train track while the word trail is still bold and clear. I think you could use that one as is for your final.

  4. What great solutions! Lots of different choices to choose from- you’re good at that! I really like the illusion of movement that you use consistently in the designs- any of these would have been good choices to refine. As for your final design, I love what you’ve done with it. So playful! I think one last thing that you could have done, is to perhaps lighten the words as they transition to the bottom of the frame. I think this could provide the illusion of time passing and the “train” moving 🙂 GREAT JOB!

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    Lots of great solutions! Check it out 🙂

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    i really like what you’ve done i like your 2nd draft rally cool

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