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Write up 4.2

I’ve been toying with a couple ideas the first is an instructional how to on baking a tart. I thought of hand drawing rough line drawings for the images and have the text handwritten, so it has that sort of rough, almost crude feel to it. 

The other idea is an art portfolio book. I’m leaning towards this idea, it’ll have a lot of my watercolor paintings. I have some fashion-ish sketches that I’ll watercolor and place in the book, and I was debating whether or not I would put any text. I might put in a french poem/song that I like, I do like some of Les Choristes soundtrack, and I was thinking about using “Caresse sur l’ocean” but then I may have issues pronouncing it correctly. I might end up choosing a different poem, maybe one that’s more girly in subject. It depend on how much time I have to work on this, but I like this idea more than the other.

some sketches I have


Blog 4:1 Favorite Children’s Book

The Giving Tree
Written and Illustrated by Shel Silverstein

It’s hard for me to pick my favorite children’s book. I originally wanted to be a children’s illustrator, so I have so many books on my favorites list. In fact, I’m slowly beginning to collect a lot of them. But to start off, my favorite book of all time would be Shel Silversteins The Giving Tree. This story made me really sad, but I loved this book so much, and I remember watching a video for it in kindergarten. Such a sweet story. I won’t lie though, as a kid I didn’t like the illustrations. I was a huge art snob as a kid, and I thought Silverstein’s drawings were really ugly. I can’t imagine it being illustrated differently, but I liked stuff that had color and detail to it. I didn’t like simple line drawings like these, but I guess because they were so simple and plain that they stood out so much in my memory. My tastes have changed since then, so I do like his drawings now, perhaps because I associate this style to my childhood.

I’m a visual learner, so some illustrations remain firmly imprinted in my mind. So much so that sometimes I don’t remember what the story was about, but I can clearly recall the cover and illustrations of the book. It’s also embarrassing, but  in elementary school I was reluctant to read chapter books because they didn’t have as many pictures. Moving up into the advanced reader’s club was really sad for me.

Anyways, since this topic is about children’s illustrations, I’ll shamelessly take advantage of that and post up a couple books from the past. See if you recognize them 🙂

I remember hating this book. A lot. But I do remember the illustrations.

Project 3 Final (supposedly)


Original: Friedrich’s Wanderer Over a Sea of Mist

Hoth Theme

I changed my ideas a lot, but I ended up going with a star wars theme. I decided hoth would be simpler to mesh things together since the color palette would be limited to blue hues for the most part. I’ll probably continue to tweak things here and there, I’m trying to get the images to blend together better.




This is my self painting, quickly done. It’s kinda scary, but, it’s a learning experience I guess.

Blog write up 2.2

My rough thumbnails

I chose Bigbang for the poster project. When I sketched it, I didn’t think that it would be entirely vector based so I approached it more illustrative than I should have. Most of these designs are based off of their music videos and promo pictures that were released. Robin liked the idea of the members sitting on thrones and wearing crowns, and she mentioned I don’t have to follow the image as is, I could even make a funny interpretation of some of their photoshoots. I really like the image of them on their thrones, so I could approach it from a different angle. I really loved a lot of the graphics that YG they used for this album so I wanted that to be the central focus in the poster. I was concerned with how the figures should be rendered since it has to be vector based, and Ariel told me I should make the figures very graphic but she liked the thumbnails as they were. Julie had a good idea when she suggested I could represent the members by their individual hairstyles, which fortunately they have very elaborate hairstyles for this album. The final will probably look drastically different than these designs, since I think I will put more graphic elements into the poster.


Exercise 2:5

Hi Homey!


Ex 2.3

Just a few things I use around the house